Pierre Peters Cuvee Reserve Grand Cru Champagne - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Pierre Peters Cuvee Reserve Grand Cru Champagne

$ 65

Though this wine is in principle a constantly refreshed solera (half is the new vintage 
and half the previous blend; Billiot among others does the same), and though the goal 
is to mitigate variations, I find in fact this wine is quite variable, and I like it that way. 
What's in the market now is based on '06, disgorged 7/09. Coming up is an '07-based 
wine disgorged 9/09. The '06 is what I know as the "Peters flavor;" solid, earthy, like 
gnawing the bark off a tree, and with its typical orange-blossom and saffron aroma 
hovering close by. The '07 smells steelier, more reticent; higher tones, almost pepperminty; 
the palate is lively to the point of brashness. What will it become when it finds 
its bass notes? 

We are talking superb aromas: a riot of flowers, lobster and brioche. It's unusually ripe, dynamic and powerful, and also quite settled-tasting, with a long deep clinging finish. As good as many others' vintage wines, thanks in part, to a sensible 10 g.l. RS.

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