Quinta da Raza Falco Vinho Verde - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Quinta da Raza Falco Vinho Verde

$ 10

Since the 17th Century Quinta da Raza has been in the care of the Teixeira Coelho family. Jose Diogo Teixeira Coelho along with his wife Mafalda Pulido Garcia Cardoso de Menezes, currently manage the estate. The vineyards and new winery are situated in the heart of the Vinho Verde region, in Northwestern Portugal. Raza produces wines from traditional grape varieties of the region, Azal. Arinto, Vinhão and Alvarinho.

"Lightly sparkling, this is a dry wine, full of crisp apples topped with a squeeze of lemon. It is light, bright, fruity and ready to enjoy." ~ 87, Best Buy Wine Advocate October 2015

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