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Reyka Icelandic Vodka

$ 28

Reyka Icelandic Vodka is a unique spirit that embodies the purity and uniqueness of its Icelandic origins. Produced in Borgarnes, a coastal village in Iceland, Reyka is crafted in small batches using a unique Carter-Head still, and it is the world's first vodka to be made from renewable energy sources. The distillation process, which uses Iceland's pristine natural spring water, yields a vodka of exceptional smoothness and purity.

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Nose: On the nose, Reyka Icelandic Vodka offers a clean and neutral profile. There's a hint of grain sweetness, along with a subtle trace of the minerality of the spring water, which adds a fresh, clean aroma.

Palate: The palate of Reyka Vodka is silky and well-rounded. The clean, neutral profile continues from the nose, with the grain sweetness subtly present. The texture is impressively smooth, almost creamy, with a touch of earthiness lending a bit of complexity.

Finish: The finish of Reyka Vodka is clean and crisp. The slight sweetness of grain slowly fades, leaving a refreshing mineral hint behind. This delightful purity and simplicity make Reyka a versatile vodka for both sipping neat and for use in a variety of cocktails.