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Rihaku Shuzo Dance of Discovery Junmai Sake

$ 29

The sake is made with a recently developed rice called Kannomai - a word made of the Japanese characters "kan", which means God, and "mai", which can mean dance or stage. The rice is only used in the Shimane Prefecture. Rihaku was named for the famous Chinese poet, Li Po, who lived from 701-762 and was known to drink a lot of sake before writing. According to lore he said, "I drink a bottle and write 100 poems."

Sake Facts 
Quality Grade: Junmai 
Seimaibuai: 68% (32% of rice grain polished away) 
Rice: Kannomai 
Nihonshu-do: 5 
Alcohol: 14.8% 
Acidity: 1.4

Textured and layered, smoky yet sweet, with a cleansing acidity at the end. Simply constructed rice flavors interspersed with malt-like flavor, and dry on the finish thanks to the prominent acidity.

Smoked chicken, red rice and pumpkin salad with basil; sweet potato gnocchi with crispy sage and brown butter; roast pork loin with apricot and fennel.