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Rijckaert Les Sarres Cotes du Jura Savagnin

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The 2022 Rijckaert Les Sarres Cotes du Jura Savagnin is a distinctive and captivating white wine produced in the Jura region of France. Crafted from the unique Savagnin grape, this wine showcases the character and terroir of its region, offering a wine that is both expressive and intriguing.

The Rijckaert winery is renowned for its commitment to traditional winemaking techniques and careful vineyard management, creating wines that truly reflect the essence of their origins.

This product is available as a special order and only by the case.


Nose: The nose presents an alluring array of aromas, with dominant notes of ripe yellow apple, quince, and dried apricot. As the aroma develops, subtle hints of toasted almonds, beeswax, and a touch of fresh herbs emerge, adding depth and complexity.

Palate: On the palate, the 2020 Rijckaert Les Sarres Cotes du Jura Savagnin offers a medium-bodied texture with a lively acidity and a subtle nuttiness. The dominant flavors of orchard fruits, dried apricots, and quince are beautifully complemented by the underlying notes of toasted almonds, beeswax, and herbal undertones. Mid-palate, the flavors evolve to reveal hints of candied citrus peel, anise, and a touch of salinity, creating a well-rounded and intriguing profile.

Finish: The finish is long and satisfying, with the lingering flavors of ripe fruits, nuttiness, and herbal notes fading gently, leaving behind a gratifying aftertaste of salinity and a whisper of spice.

The 2020 Rijckaert Les Sarres Cotes du Jura Savagnin is a versatile wine that pairs beautifully with a wide range of dishes. Its rich fruit flavors and nutty undertones make it an excellent companion for creamy dishes like risotto, particularly with mushrooms or truffles. Additionally, the wine's bright acidity and herbal notes complement seafood dishes like grilled fish or shrimp scampi, as well as roasted chicken with lemon and herbs.

For a vegetarian option, consider pairing the wine with a flavorful vegetable curry or a hearty ratatouille. The wine's complexity also makes it a great match for a cheese plate, particularly with aged cheeses like Comté or Gruyère.