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Rowans Creek Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

$ 45

This bourbon stacks up well against much more expensive limited release offerings from other distillers, and at under $40, makes it a bargain value as well. Rowan’s Creek perhaps is a slightly less refined cousin to Noah’s Mill, and that’s definitely a good thing, as Noah’s Mill has been a personal favorite of ours for a few years now.

  • Aroma: The initial nose is sweet with a discernible hint of peach and fruitiness. There is a light woody character to the aroma, but the oak scents are not prevalent, but a faint minty scent underlies the entire experience.
  • Flavor: Right off the bat, the whiskey tastes slightly young. There is no bitterness, but just a touch of harshness that begs for another year or two in the barrel. It’s not an overpowering sensation, but was noted. A clove-like spiciness starts at the middle of the tongue and gives way to the aged caramel and oak flavors that were missing on the front of the tasting, at which point the age of the bourbon finally shines through and the initial bite subsides. If you add water it will certainly calm down the harshness at the front of the tongue, and bring out some hints of honey and cedar that were muted when taken neat. This is a bourbon that certainly stands up to water and ice, making it a great everyday drinker.
  • Finish: It definitely tends just a touch towards the long side without being exaggerated. The oak, mint, and caramel remain evident throughout for a very pleasant overall finish.