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Ruth Lewandowski Dinos to Diamonds Fox Hill Vineyard

$ 30

What can be said of this, the cuvée meant entirely for experimentation? It is exactly that, and sometimes just for experimentation's sake. A completely different wine each vintage, likely never to be seen again, Dinos affords me the opportunity to play around and try out some new weird ideas without ever having to fully commit! I can show you a different side of an otherwise common variety or I can delve deeper into strange or more ancient techniques. Every version is technically bound for extinction, but instead of being sad about that fact, take heart in that beauty and life will crystallize because this wine existed...each and every bit of profit from Dinos to Diamonds will be donated to a selected charity thereby living on in a legacy of good. The current iteration, 2018, is a co-fermentation of Merlot (60%) and Sangiovese (40%), both grown at Fox Hill Vineyard in Mendocino County. All proceeds from the sale of each bottle will be donated directly to Corazon Healdsburg to aid in their localized support of our underserved and underrepresented community members affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. For more particulars, please visit

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