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Selvagrossa Muschen Marche Rosso

$ 18

The 2022 Selvagrossa Muschen Marche Rosso is a remarkable embodiment of the rich winemaking tradition of the Marche sub-region in Italy. Crafted by the Taddei brothers at the Selvagrossa estate, this red blend harmoniously unites the distinct varietals of Sangiovese, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, each bringing its unique character to the ensemble.

Rooted in a rich family tradition and a profound respect for the land, Selvagrossa meticulously cultivates these grapes, allowing them to express the distinct terroir of Marche. The Muschen Marche Rosso, with its harmonious blend, invites a journey of delightful exploration with each sip, reflecting the essence of Italian winemaking tradition intertwined with modern finesse.

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Nose: The olfactory journey begins with inviting notes of ripe red berries, cherries, and a hint of earthy undertones, painting a vivid picture of the Marche landscapes. Subtle floral notes intertwined with a touch of spice add a layer of complexity, making the first encounter with this wine a memorable one.

Palate: As the wine graces the palate, a balanced play of acidity and tannins unveils, harmonizing the lush flavors of red fruits with subtle notes of vanilla and spice. The medium-bodied texture carries through a well-structured, fruit-forward profile with a touch of minerality, reminiscent of the rich, fertile soils of Marche.

Finish: The finale is a graceful, lingering finish, where the fruity essence gradually transitions into a soft, earthy, and slightly spicy undertone, leaving a satisfying, warm sensation that beckons for another sip.

The Selvagrossa Muschen Marche Rosso, with its balanced profile and fruit-forward character, pairs wonderfully with a variety of Italian cuisine. The vibrant acidity and subtle tannins make it an excellent companion for tomato-based dishes, be it a hearty pasta or a robust pizza. The wine’s fruitiness also complements grilled meats, enhancing the flavors of a tender steak or a succulent roast. Additionally, its versatility extends to a harmonious pairing with aged cheeses and charcuterie, making it a delightful choice for a traditional Italian feast or a casual gathering with friends and loved ones