St. Agrestis Paradiso Apertivo

St. Agrestis Paradiso Apertivo

$ 38

Designed around classic Italian Aperitivo culture, St. Agrestis Paradiso Aperitivo is a complex, all-natural take on more traditional Italian liqueurs. A highly versatile aperitif, Paradiso Aperitivo can be used in a wide variety of cocktails such as margaritas and paper planes, to low abv favorites like a spritz, with soda, or simply over ice with a lemon twist. Containing no artificial coloring and made with the highest quality organic ingredients and no additives, the final product is a sophisticated, less bitter sibling to St. Agrestis Inferno Bitter Aperitivo. 

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Nose: On the nose, St. Agrestis Paradiso Aperitivo presents a captivating array of aromas. Bright citrus notes mingle effortlessly with the herbaceous and slightly floral undertones, creating an enticing bouquet that prepares the palate for what's to come.

Palate: The palate reveals a harmonious blend of flavors. The bittersweet interplay of herbs is beautifully balanced by the lively zest of citrus. As you savor the aperitivo, nuances of gentian, rhubarb, and a hint of sweetness emerge, providing a complex and invigorating tasting experience.

Finish: The finish of St. Agrestis Paradiso Aperitivo is long and pleasantly bitter, with lingering notes of citrus, herbs, and a gentle touch of sweetness. The refreshing and slightly complex finish invites further exploration and enjoyment of this delightful aperitivo.