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St. George 35th Anniversary Single Malt Whiskey

$ 1,000

In celebration of 35 years at the vanguard of the American artisan distillation movement, St. George Spirits released 35th Anniversary Single Malt Whiskey. This special anniversary release is limited to only 771 hand-numbered and signed bottles—making it a collector’s item for true connoisseurs of American single malt whiskey.


Aroma: Opens with notes of cherry cola and a touch of coffee. Over time, these aromatics give way to buttery pastry/walnut baklava, with a dose of mandarin orange. Stone fruit and rose geranium dance through as well.

Palate: Dried fruit and more cola, with grain, cocoa, and a hint of black pepper. The finish is rich and creamy, with warm baking spices and the lingering sensation of Sauternes.