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Suerte Blanco Tequila

$ 35

Producer information

"Legend has it that tequila was originally discovered by luck. Well, actually it was by a rabbit. Or rather by a farmer’s wife who noticed that rabbit getting tipsy on fermented agave. But that’s still pretty darn lucky, if you ask us. And we feel pretty lucky to be able to bring this great tasting tequila to you. So enjoy and drink Suerte!" Suerte Tequilas have been carefully handcrafted to appeal to today’s modern Tequila drinker while maintaining a high level of authenticity. During production, their Master Distiller uses traditional methods such as low temperature, slow cooking and use of a Tahona to create a truly unique Tequila. Of equal importance is the pure spring water that infuses every sip of their value premium brand. At Suerte Tequila, they believe in providing a true artisanal Tequila experience while pushing the boundaries of this traditional Mexican spirit

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