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Tenbu Junmai Ginjo Sake

$ 35

Brought to the world by the renowned Nishi Sake Brewing Co., Tenbu Junmai Ginjo is a testament to the brewery's longstanding dedication to the art of sake-making. With each bottle, Nishi Sake Brewing Co. encapsulates the rich heritage and meticulous craftsmanship of Japanese brewing traditions. Tenbu Junmai Ginjo represents the pinnacle of this dedication, marrying modern techniques with time-honored practices to produce a sake of unparalleled refinement.

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Nose: Gently unfolding, the nose is a symphony of fresh and fragrant notes. Predominant scents of juicy pear and crisp green apple meld with the delicate aroma of spring blossoms. A subtle backdrop of steamed rice and a hint of vanilla adds depth.

Palate: Silky and medium-bodied, the Tenbu Junmai Ginjo flows gracefully over the palate. It starts with a touch of fruity sweetness, evoking flavors of ripe melon and lychee. This sweetness transitions seamlessly into the richer, umami-laden notes characteristic of Junmai sakes. A fleeting trace of minerality and undertones of almond and fresh herbs add layers to its complexity.

Finish: Elegantly concluding, the finish is clean and sophisticated. Fruity nuances recede gently, giving way to a comforting warmth and a memorable aftertaste of rice and lightly toasted grains.

Nishi Sake Brewing Co.'s Tenbu Junmai Ginjo Sake showcases its adaptability through its pairings. Impeccably matched with traditional Japanese delicacies such as sashimi, especially rich, fatty cuts, it shines just as brightly when paired with tempura's airy crispness. For a global culinary journey, think of rich pasta dishes or succulent roasted poultry in delicate sauces. Those looking for a bold contrast can explore a cheese platter featuring soft, creamy cheeses and the intense flavors of blue cheeses, creating a dance of flavors and textures that both challenge and delight the palate.