Terra de Falanis Llenca Plana Montsant - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Terra de Falanis Llenca Plana Montsant

$ 18

Terra de Falanis is a new winemaking project with the vinification overseen by Pere Obrador and Miguelàngel Cerdà from the highly regarded Anima Negra winery (Mallorca) whose wines have gained both national and international acclaim. The concept is to produce great value wines based on indigenous varieties with maximum respect for nature while showing a balance between current know-how and tradition.

Terra de Falanis (“Land of Falanis”) was the name used by the local historian, author, and artist Miquel Barceló in the title of a 1995 book to describe the town and people before modern-day Felanitx (a village on the east coast of Mallorca and heart of the DO Pla i Llevant) existed as such. This fostered a feeling of nostalgic sentimentalism and the desire among the accomplished Anima Negra winemakers to promote the essence and unguilded simplicity of days gone by. The project is the result of the continuous education the winemakers have acquired through other initiatives and from the mentorship of other winemakers. It is a way to extend the concepts and techniques they have learned in other regions and apply them beyond their natural borders (the island of Mallorca) for example by discovering the fantastic possibilities of the DO Montsant region.

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