Uncouth Vermouth Butternut Squash - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Uncouth Vermouth Butternut Squash

$ 30

Mugwort is the artemisia base (cousin to wormwood, grows wild here) 
and the only running theme in every vermouth. All ingredients are seasonal and sourced by my hands in the wildnerness or come from Blooming Hill Farm, Farm to Pint (hops) or my mother's garden. I use whole plants and dry them freshly for more concentrated aromas. I never add any sweeteners, no sugar, additives, pelletized plants, extracts, citric, or anything else stupid and unnecessary or poisonous. The grapes are responsibly farmed and sourced from the North Fork and Finger Lakes and made crush to tank at the Red Hook Winery. I then drive my trailer down Pier 41 and fill up two barrels at a time and turn them into seasonal vermouth.

10 seasonals throughout the year right now: Beet Eucalyptus, Apple Mint, 
Pear Ginger, Rhubarb, Cherry, Wild Raspberry, Wild Flower, Hops, Butternut Squash and Serrano Chile Lavender. Around 20 plants in each vermouth, I refer to them after their most prominent aromas. Brandy is made single distilled at Finger Lakes Distilling and used to fortify. The idea is to make them delicious on their own, they hold up in cocktails, but please keep in mind these are still very much wines 
and not herbal syrups.

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