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Verdier-Logel Volcanique Cotes du Forez

$ 25

Originating from the picturesque Côtes du Forez within the expansive Loire Valley, the 2021 Verdier-Logel Volcanique is a tribute to both tradition and innovation. Crafted primarily from Gamay grapes, this wine mirrors the volcanic soils from which it emerges, bestowing upon it a unique minerality that sets it apart. Verdier-Logel, a renowned winery celebrated for its organic and biodynamic practices, produces this wine with utmost dedication, ensuring that every bottle captures the essence of the region's rich terroir.

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Nose: The wine releases a bouquet of fresh red berries, predominantly raspberries and strawberries, with undertones of black cherry. Nuances of crushed volcanic rock, reminiscent of its terroir, and subtle hints of violet add a layer of depth and sophistication.

Palate: Medium-bodied with an elegant texture, the wine showcases flavors of ripe red fruits, balanced with a distinct mineral-driven character. Notes of fresh strawberries and tart cherries are followed by a touch of black pepper and earthy undertones, a nod to its volcanic heritage.

Finish: The finish is long and gracefully persistent, with the mineral notes and vibrant red fruit flavors lingering on the palate, complemented by a soft, velvety tannic grip.

The Verdier-Logel Volcanique from Côtes du Forez displays a versatility that makes it a delightful pairing choice for a range of dishes. It shines when matched with charcuterie, especially cured ham or saucisson. Grilled lamb chops, roast chicken with herbs, or even a hearty beef stew are all elevated when paired with this wine. Vegetarians might consider matching it with grilled portobello mushrooms, lentil stews, or earthy risottos. The wine's freshness and mineral notes also make it a lovely accompaniment to soft, creamy cheeses.