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Vinos Guerra Armas de Guerra Blanco

$ 13

Armas de Guerra (“ARM-as day GAYR-rah”) means something like “weapons of war”, but this wine will make you want to chill out and put your feet up! It’s made from a blend of a couple of local grapes, 85% Doña Blanca (aka Síria) and 15% Godello. Doña Blanca, roughly translatable to ‘white lady’, is favored for its peachy, floral aromatics and ability to make crisp dry whites that have real palate-appeal. That is what we find here, a floral-scented wine which is fairly light (12.5% alcohol), dry and crisp. The addition of 15% Godello helps increase the wine’s body and longevity. The vines used for Armas de Guerra’s white were planted between 1955 and 2008, on river-stone dominated vineyards that are fairly high-elevation (1800 feet above sea level). El Bierzo is inland somewhat from the Atlantic, but still manages to accumulate about 25 inches of rainfall per year on average, so this is not as dry an area as some others further east in Spain.

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We like this wine with all sorts of seafood, but it can also be enjoyed with salads, softer cheeses, and non-tomato pastas