Virgil Kaine Rip-Track Bourbon Whiskey - Grain & Vine | Curated Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Virgil Kaine Rip-Track Bourbon Whiskey

$ 35

Virgil Kaine started with one goal – to create the best damn whiskey around. Drawing on their culinary know-how, and driven by flavor, founders David Szlam and Ryan Meany, both accomplished chefs, were inspired to boldly blend, infuse and tinker with choice ingredients to craft category-shattering whiskeys. Proving that it’s not about stuffy tradition, but about taking what you know and taking chances.


Founded by two accomplished chefs, Virgil Kaine started with a simple idea: Let’s take our culinary know-how and use it to make great-tasting whiskey.


Spurred on by the latest infusing and maceration tricks and techniques, chefs David and Ryan source the best ingredients and apply the experimentation of a professional kitchen to the art of whiskey making. Everything is just a means to create the most delicious whiskeys they know – regardless of what the industry expects.


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