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Vives Ambros Cava Brut Reserva

$ 18

The 2020 Vives Ambros Cava Brut Reserva is a sparkling wine that epitomizes the elegance and tradition of Catalonia's renowned Cava region. Crafted using the traditional method, this dry Brut is a harmonious blend of 40% Xarel·lo, 30% Macabeu, and 30% Parellada, offering a refined and sophisticated tasting experience with an alcohol content of 11.5%.

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Nose: The Cava is likely to exhibit a nose that showcases the unique characteristics of its varietal blend, potentially offering floral notes, citrus aromas, and a hint of green apple or pear.

Palate: On the palate, expect a lively and refreshing effervescence, complemented by a balanced acidity. The flavors may include a delightful combination of stone fruits, citrus, and a subtle nuttiness, reflecting the complexity of the blend.

Finish: The finish should be crisp and clean, leaving a satisfyingly dry aftertaste that highlights the wine's elegance and finesse.

This Cava Brut Reserva pairs beautifully with a wide range of dishes, particularly seafood, light appetizers, and tapas. Its crisp and refreshing profile also makes it an excellent choice for pairing with creamy cheeses like Manchego and Parmesan, enhancing the flavors with its vibrant acidity and effervescence.