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Wolves First Run American Whiskey

$ 149

Wolves is an American whiskey made in California by an equally creative group of founders, also based in California. Wolves is distilled in Sonoma County by 13th generation Master Distiller Marko Karakasevic using an old, slow, brandy still that was imported from Cognac in 1983. Marko creates a small batch (10 barrels) of distillate over 10 days, sleeping in four-hour shifts so that he alone can make each cut, selecting “the heart of hearts” for double distillation in the small still. The distillation process is far less efficient than an industry-standard column still, but the end result is whiskey with more body, flavor, and viscosity.
Between each release, the Pilsner, Stout, and Rye whiskeys continue to age and change in the Oak. The Wolves team recreates the blend for each release, adjusting the percentages and proofs of the Stout, Pilsner, and Rye whiskeys to find the right balance for that particular moment in time. This process takes more than a dozen attempts and a few weeks to get right. The full blend is finally cut with the mineral-rich water from the Russian River.

  • Nose: Honeysuckle, citrus, hops, milk chocolate, black cherry, warm vanilla.

  • Palate: Tangerine, dark chocolate, hops, oak, citrus, nutmeg.

  • Finish: Long and warm on the front pallet, with rising spice on the finish.