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Zapiain Bizi Goxo Ice Cider

$ 35

As the Basque name suggests, this variety is called “Bizi” for its sharpness and “Goxo” for its sweetness. Despite calling it Dessert Cider, the sweet-sharp balance makes this product a versatile drink, and it works perfectly as an aperitif.


Description: Serve in a digestive glass, at a cold temperature but without being excessive – at 10.5% vol. it does not need to be too cold (around 7-8ºC).


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Visual phase: A frosty orange colour with some glints of amber and roasted apple.

Nose: It is elegant, reminding us of toffee apple and candied fruit, with some notes of fig and hints of compote and grapes.

Aftertaste: silky and broad with hints of sweets, an electric freshness that brings with it sharpness and citrus memories. It has a long, broad and creamy finish.