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Domaine Carterole Esperanza Rose

$ 25

With the 2022 vintage, Domaine Carterole presents their enchanting Esperanza Rosé – a wine that seamlessly marries tradition with innovation. Harnessing the unique terroir from which its grapes are sourced, this rosé embodies the sunlit elegance and vibrant charm typical of premium rosé wines.

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Nose: The nose is immediately greeted with a delicate bouquet of ripe strawberries, fresh roses, and a hint of tangerine. As it evolves, subtle nuances of lavender and wet stone surface, adding a layer of complexity to its aromatic profile.

Palate: On the palate, the Esperanza Rosé is a delightful dance of red berries and citrus, underscored by a refreshing acidity. Hints of raspberry and grapefruit shine through, with a touch of peach and a whisper of Mediterranean herbs adding depth and intrigue.

Finish: The wine concludes with a graceful and prolonged finish, where fruity notes give way to hints of rose petal and citrus zest, leaving an invigorating aftertaste.

Domaine Carterole's Esperanza Rosé shines when paired with an array of culinary delights. Its bright profile is a match made in heaven for seafood dishes like grilled prawns or a fresh salmon tartare. Light pasta dishes, adorned with fresh vegetables and herbs, also make for a delightful pairing. For a more casual affair, consider pairing with a fresh Caprese salad or a charcuterie board that emphasizes mild cheeses and prosciutto.