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Rezabal Txakoli de Getaria Txakoli

$ 18

Rezabal winery is a 3rd generation family owned estate, which was established in 1996 in Zarautz. Rezabal belongs to the Getariako Txakolina denomination of origin. The 22 hectars vinayard is established in the best hillsides of Zarautz and Getaria, and strongly influenced by the daily seabreeze. In this vineyard 2 native grape varieties are grown: Hondarrabi Beltza (for Txakoli rose) and Hondarrabi Zuri (for Txakoli white).


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Rezabal Txakoli white is a dry white wine with fine bubbles. It is made with 100% Hondarrabi Zuri. Light color with slightly green hue. Aromas of intense fresh citrus fruits and green apple, bright acidity and low alcohol.